What is URL Zones ( SHORT URL ) ?

A Short URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a condensed version of a regular URL that directs a user to a specific webpage. Short URLs are used to save space and make it easier to share links, particularly on social media platforms where character limits are in place.

Instead of using a long, complicated URL that may be difficult to remember or type, a short URL is created using a service that takes the long URL and generates a shorter, more manageable version that redirects to the same webpage.

For example, a long URL like "https://www.example.com/resources/article/how-to-use-short-urls-for-better-social-media-engagement" can be shortened to "https://exa.mp/shorturls" using a URL shortening service.

Short URLs can be customized or branded for a specific purpose or campaign, and they often include tracking parameters to monitor link performance and user engagement. However, they can also be used maliciously to disguise spam or phishing links, so it is important to be cautious when clicking on shortened URLs from unknown sources.

Published on: 2/20/23, 10:19 PM